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So maybe most don't have mp3 songs to post or don't know how....I seem to be the one pushing this.

If anybody wants to hear a song let me know...PM or post here, I can post it for you. :i-m_so_happy:

Music can be visceral and invoke strong memories of the past. Kinda a "when and where" type thing..I have one song that brings me back to the age of 17, I just broke up with a "High School Sweetheart" of 4 years and was driving home late at night on a empty back road and this came on....gives me goose bumps to this day.

Procol Haren - Lighter Shade of Pale.mp3

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Every time I here this one, it brings back the good old days in high school, class of 64', and my 54 special 2dr ht, white over red with the red and black interior. Well, I had been dating this girl for about 3 months and I kept hitting line drive outs and pop ups, so 1 Saturday I spent the day wiring some lights under the dash and under the front seat "RED". :diablo:That night at the (drive in ) we were about half way through the first movie and I had her flip the switch on the bottom of the dash. She did. A long in hail and long sigh in a slightly higher tone, then she said "I don't really care whether we stay for these movies, they don't seem so interesting anymore" And this song couldn't have said it any better. Fortunately all promises went out the window a few month later,thank my lucky stars.:declare::biggrin:

Meatloaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light.mp3

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Just hit this one...love it! :music2::music2::music2:

Lamar this part remind you of somtin ;)

You know your man down gone

You know your man down gone

You know your man down gone

To the country farm*, with all the shackles on

*A county farm was (and maybe still is in some county's) a place were people could go to work off their fines for misdemeanor charges

Baby, Please Don't Go.mp3

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Well the thread is about Favourite tunes...I have been posting mostly what I like but with a thought to what you guys might like as well.

For me, this is a goosebumps song, when the sax kicks in through the bridge it always gives me an emotional response....

This is where I live....long live the Boss. :smoke:

Bruce Springsteen - Jungleland1.mp3

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I don't have it ripped, but Huey Lewis and the News "Couple Days Off" is a great one to me. Aside from the message, considering my job is slowly killing me, listening to Huey and the boys sometimes will bring me back to the Buick Centennial in Flint in 2003 when they played in the concert hall there. That was a blast.

Huey Lewis - Couple Days Off.mp3

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